Now, we can understand why RW did what he did.


The suicide of Robin Williams touched a nation in ways that the passing of few celebrities has. Maybe it was his electric wit, his iconic TV and film roles, the way he moved so seamlessly from comic to dramatic work, or even the fact that a mention of his name brings a smile to most everyone. The sudden realization that behind that imprinted image of impish happiness, there was a man unhappy enough to commit such a desperate act is difficult to process, until his grieving wife Susan Schneider disclosed that he was suffering early-stage Parkinson’s disease.

Robin Williams Former Time Warner chairman Jerry Levin thinks that the latter disclosure will become one of many lasting legacies of Williams’ life and career. For the very first time, Levin discloses here that he too suffers from Parkinson’s disease, and explains the toll that the physically debilitating disease might have begun taking on…

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