Crooked Tales by Jennifer L Thorpe

I was taking a walk just the other day, when I met Jesus on the street. His clothing was torn and tattered, and he had no shoes on his feet. Looking at him closely, there was soil darkening his skin. He must not have eaten in so long, because his body was very thin.

My heart fell low, as did my spirit. I felt saddened by his image, regretful of his appearance.

But, then I looked into his eyes and saw a different vision. He strongly emitted that he was on a persistent mission. He wasn’t sad, nor was he mad. These were not his feelings. This man came to teach us, and bless us with his healing.

Some looked away. Some ran and hid. But, others realized what he did. He gave us hope, and endless love. His soul was as pure as the whitest dove.

This man was…

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