My little pup came home today

in a box – of all the ways…

I brought her home today, to stay.

She will join the others  someday

when their ashes are mixed with mine…

we’ll be reunited, one last time.

Until I venture  across the Bridge

with joy in my heart I shall rush to meet

my kindred spirits, my furry Kids.

St. Francis, please take care of them

while they are there. I miss them , everyone.

But Bella was special in her own way… so scared, so timid,

too shy to stray…but yet, loving, in her own way.

She learned to trust and learned to play…and

her antics made me laugh, anxious to  please, she tried  so hard..

Then out of the Blue, cruel fate struck,…such bad luck

No fix was to be had, no matter the cost….all was lost.

There was no pain, but she was miserable, lost and so terrified

of the blackness  all around…blindness nearly made her lose her mind..

She tried so hard to find her way, but cried in frustration

and howled in fear and desolation.

I cried, I wept, I gnashed my teeth and got no sleep.

We tried the vet, did the meds, looked at options

and with dread, realized if all failed, the outlook was grim…

There was a faint glimmer of hope, so I thought…

but it was all for naught.  She was exhausted,

she had fought the fight with valiant soul

but her brain wouldn’t let her eat or drink

She could not survive on prayer alone.

It came time to send her “home”.

My heart rebelled , then broke…

my soul screamed ‘No!”I don’t want her to go!

But  I knew that I must send her on her

last journey, alone….

I prayed that the final darkness would soon

turn to blissful light, that would comfort her

on her flight …towards the Rainbow Bridge

where she would be welcomed by all my “kids”.

I love and miss her, this has not changed…

a hole in my heart shall remain.

Beautiful Bella, my sweet darling

scared little pup…forgive me, please…

I did my best…

I loved you more than all the rest.

It wasn’t enough, this I know.